Saturday, December 31, 2005

mommy is very upset.

she's spent the entire day cleaning, organizing, and getting everything ready for the party. she even had the bar filled with appetizers and had all the games ready for everyone to play. and no one is coming.

not one soul.

except daddy, of course. but he won't be home until after midnight. so it looks like it's just me and mommy tonight... she is heartbroken.

but most of all, her feelings are hurt. i feel so bad for her. she says she doesn't have any real friends... but that's not true. i am her friend. and i'm the only one she needs!

gramma and grampa are getting ready to come down to give mommy some company. that means it's time for me to go stand by the door and wait for them.

Friday, December 30, 2005

more stupid pictures.

kaylee: smile for the camera, emmi!
emmi: i smell food??

kaylee: shut up and kiss me, baby...
emmi: i have no choice, mother. you have me in a freaking deathgrip.

kaylee: peace out, bitches.
emmi: yeh... westside!

i think mommy's weirdness may have rubbed off on me. i'm going to go roll around on the floor and hope it comes back off.
gramma got mommy some new yarn today. it is beautiful. so beautiful that i thought it would be nice for me to have. so, while mommy was sitting on the couch crocheting, i decided to jump up there, grab the ball of yarn and make a run for it.

too bad the yarn was attached to this little thing mommy holds in her hand or i would've been home free. she started yelling at me and pulling at the yarn to try and get me to let go of it. i think that just made me want it even more, because i held it real tight my mouth and ran down the hallway as fast as i could. mommy was screaming and yelling at me to stop. it was so funny.

finally she got ahold of me (after about a 10 minute high-speed chase down the hallway and back), and took the yarn back. then she did the thing i always dread the most... she smacked me on my nose and called me a bad girl. i could tell she was real mad so i left her alone and went to pout under the bed. that is my special pouting and hiding place because it's real hard for mom to crawl under there and get me.

as i was in the middle of a huge pouting session, i heard mommy say something about outside. so i came out from under the bed and went out with her while she smoked a cigarette (eww, icky). she didn't really seem like she was that upset with me anymore... but i'm keeping my distance. mommy works in weird ways sometimes...

by the way, here is the scarf that mommy is trying to do. well, was trying to do until i grabbed the yarn and undid most of the work she'd done on it all ready.

she's having some trouble figuring out the fringe.

the yarn that mommy is using is like a rainbow color. very pretty. the colors remind her of sherbet. hopefully the scarf will be done in about 50 years.
mommy and daddy
this picture was taken on christmas day.
pictures of me...

here i am, sleeping with my turtle.

as you can see, i have my arm around him.

this picture, mommy took this morning when i was napping on the couch. you can tell how tired i am!

now here's one worth zooming in on... i'm rolling my eyes at mommy. i get a little tired of all this stupid picture-taking.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

oh, how i hate it when mommy leaves me... she left me real early in the morning for a doctors' appointment (around 8:15... that is early for us around here...) and didn't get back until almost 2 in the afternoon! i was so excited when she got home that i started doing my little squealing noises and jumped all over her and gave her lots and lots of tisses... then we sat down together and watched the last 15 minutes of days of our lives... that john black is such a stud... oh lordy lordy... what a hunk.

shortly after days was over, mommy started to put her shoes and coat back on. i realized what was happening... she was going to leave me again!! and i wasn't about to let that happen, so i started pulling on her pantleg and wouldn't let her go. i guess i wasn't doing it hard enough because she shook me right off. and away she went... she didn't get home until about an hour ago.

i guess she went to get her tongue pierced. again. for the 5th time! mommy has been saying "if the stud isn't straight this time... i'm giving up on it!"... all 4 times it has been so noticably crooked that mommy can't stand it. well when she got home, she stuck her tongue out at me and it was straight! mommy seemed really happy about it, therefore i'm happy about it too. she seems to be in a really good mood tonight.

however, i'm not sure how good of a mood i'm in... i think i heard mention of me getting a flea bath later. gosh i hope not... if i do, it probably won't be for awhile until daddy gets home from work... mommy won't do it by herself anymore... not since the time i jumped out of the tub and hid behind the couch for forty-five minutes while the special-medicated shampoo was still on me... keep in mind that this shampoo was only supposed to be on me for 10 minutes. mommy was so upset that she was crying, and finally she got me to come out... that is, with a greenie in her hand. i should've known it was a trick... i got sent right back into the tub and had to rinse off, and didn't even get to keep the greenie!! what a meanie... and yes, that was supposed to rhyme.

i think i have to go take a crap.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

am i the most beautiful/adorable/cutest/funniest little thing you've ever seen in your life?

i thought so...
mommy decided to take a few pictures of the house tonight, since it was nice and clean. she still says that it's messy, though... i guess that's just how she is.

one shot of the living room...

and another...

and another...

and one of the kitchen.

here's 2 of mommy's absolute favorite gifts she got for christmas this year... her candle warmers! the house smells great thanks to these little guys.

here's the big one. in it, mommy has her favorite yankee candle. it's called buttercream and it smells sooo good.

and here's the smaller one. gramma said that she had to get the one with the snowman on the front because they didn't have anything else. ah, mommy doesn't care. she'll leave it out all year long... she has a rose-scented candle in that one.

so that's some more pictures of our new house. i know it's not great, but it's all we have for now. mommy tries her hardest to make it look nice and i think she does an pretty good job at it. we won't have any pictures of the bedroom for awhile, since it's not even close to being done. the living room is almost finished... mommy wants to get a coffeetable to put in front of the couch so it doesn't seem like a huge, empty space in the middle. we are also going to paint the living room walls as well as the hallway... as for the kitchen, mommy's not sure what she wants to do there. i'm sure she'll figure something out.
here's a couple pictures of mommy and daddy, taken on christmas day. scroll down to the next post to see adorable new pics of me, emmi lou!

i'm getting ready to add all of these (plus more) to flickr here in a minute.

oh, so cute. look at mommy's adorable new suede hat!

trying to be cool... ha! nice try, guys.
great news...

mommy figured out a way to get our pictures on the computer without having to install that stupid disk. so they're here! there's a ton, but... blogger takes forever to upload pictures so i'm just going to put some of them on here for now. tomorrow i think i will add all of them to flickr, so check it out!

the bad news is, the pictures don't look as good as they could. since mommy didn't install the disk, she couldn't format them or anything like that... but in a few weeks, mommy is getting a new computer (a stupid dell, mind you), so she won't have to use her school imac for personal use anymore. then the pictures will look better.

so here's some pictures of me... i will add mommy and daddy's pictures on a post of their own.

here i am sleeping. this is shortly after we opened all the presents on christmas morning.

here i am, sleeping again. i moved up onto the couch where it was more comfortable.

and... more sleeping. this time on aunt kenzie's soft new robe. like my pretty bangs?

i was hungry... and mommy starves me... so i decided to sneak up into the dishwasher and steal some scraps from the big christmas dinner.

and here's baxter. my uncle/boyfriend/humping buddy.

here i am, sleeping, as usual... but this time it is on mommy's butt.

as you can see... i'm right in her crack. eww. what was i thinking?

Monday, December 26, 2005

well... now i know why mommy made such a huge deal over christmas a few days back... it's the most wonderful time of the year!! oh i loved it! it was a little hectic, but overall, i've never had a better day...

mommy and aunt kenzie woke me up at 6 in the morning (ugh...) and said it was time to open the christmas presents. i wasn't sure what was going on until i followed them downstairs to see the christmas tree completely surrounded with tons and tons boxes wrapped up in pretty paper! i went absolutely nuts and wouldn't stop sniffing everything. gramma took me and baxter into the family room and put the gate up so we couldn't go back into where all the presents were. it wasn't until 2 hours later (that was how long it took mommy and aunt kenzie to open all their presents!) that mommy let me back in the room. baxter and i sniffed around for a bit while mommy was putting her makeup on. she said that pappaw was going to babysit me while she went to great-gramma's for breakfast and more gift-opening!! i was a little upset at first, but knew she would bring home some fun new things for me to sniff and discover.

about 2 hours later, mommy walked through the door carrying a huge box full of things. she left for a second, then came back in with another box stuffed full of presents she'd got from great-gramma and great-grampa. there was so much! i didn't know where to begin sniffing!!

most of the day was spent in the living room playing fooseball, trying on clothes and taking pictures. daddy showed up after awhile and that made me real happy.

at about 5 that evening, there was a knock at the door. it was some of pappaw's side of the family! i jumped all over them and sniffed them until mommy took me into another room and put the stupid gate up so i couldn't visit them. baxter and i watched through the gate as everybody ate a big dinner. we whined the whole time.

after dinner, mommy let us back out and everybody opened more presents. i kept running away with the wrapping paper and mommy got real mad. heh heh heh...

some of the things that mommy got....
  • a ton of clothes
  • shoes
  • makeup
  • jewelry (belly button rings... earrings... necklaces... and a very pretty watch)
  • candle warmer (she got a big one and a small one... in case you don't know, candle warmers are these things that you stick candles in that heats them up and melts the wax. i guess it's so you don't ever have to burn the candle to make the house smell good!)
  • an adorable hat
  • pretty sunglasses
  • lots of cds
  • 5.0 mp digital camera
gosh... there's so much more. it would take me days to type it all out, so i'm just going to stop there. aunt kenzie got some neat stuff too. lots of clothes, a digital camera, dvds, fun dvd games, and best of all... a fooseball table! so much more...

as for me, i got a new collar (it's too small for me. we have to exchange it... but it was bright pink with pretty rhinestones.), a small nyla-bone (that was gone in less than 2 minutes), and a big box of treats that i have to share with baxter and sami. i ate a whole bunch of them yesterday. my belly hurts now.

oohh... christmas was so wonderful. mommy took a whole bunch of pictures on her new digital camera (oh it's so nice! mommy absolutely loves it!! the pictures look so clear and not all crappy like they did on her old one). she's mad right now though because for some reason, this stupid imac won't let her install the camera software. therefore, no pictures.

hopefully by tomorrow we will have it figured out. for now, i'm going to bed... still a little tired from all the christmas craziness.

Friday, December 23, 2005

christmas is going to be great!! right now i'm getting ready to go to my gramma's to stay the night! yay, a slumber party!! hopefully baxter will be in a good mood so we can play together... it's hard to tell with him though.

mommy keeps telling me how much i'm going to love christmas. i'm going to see lots of people and get presents too! now i can't wait!

sorry that i don't have much time to talk... mommy says i need to start gathering up my toys and my blanket to go to gramma's. perhaps tomorrow i will get on aunt kenzie's computer (that is, if she lets me), and write a special *christmas post*!

merry christmas everybody!
mommy has found her new obsession.

she learned the basics of crocheting earlier tonight (well, last night... thursday), and ever since then that's all she's been doing. mommy, daddy and i all went over to gramma kirkbrides' (daddy's mom) so gramma could help mommy with her scarf, and i got to see jodi! she's a yellow lab... much bigger than me... but that doesn't stop me from trying to take all her toys and dominate her. for some reason, jodi is afraid of me! mommy kept getting a kick out of the fact that everytime i would play growl, jodi would get so scared that she would run and hide. i mean, come on! she's like 10 times my size! oh well. it makes me feel good that someone is under my authority.

mommy got a little upset with me after we left gramma kirkbrides' because i was still in a feisty mood, and kept trying to bite her arms and hands and eat all the yarn... mmm...

i'm a little excited about this whole crocheting thing. it's just one more thing lying around the house that i can chew up in my spare time... what am i saying? i'm a dog. all i have is spare time. therefore, there will be no yarn.

good. because then mommy will have more time for meeee... why would she need a hobby when she has this cute little thing running around the house 24/7, begging for attention?

i hope this is just a phase.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

mommy was in a picture-taking mood today... needless to say, i wasn't.

ugh... no pictures, mommy... i just woke up!

all right, i'll be cute just this one time. but you'd better get that camera out of my face directly afterwards or i'm going to bite you.

okay mommy... i'm going to ignore you now. hopefully you will go away.
my parents are so weird... tonight mommy thought it would be fun for she and daddy to (try to) draw pictures of each other. so mommy went first... all she had was a pen so she couldn't erase anything as she went... not like she's an artist or anything... the whole time she was drawing she was laughing really hard, and daddy was wondering why, until she showed him this...

mommy then told daddy that she wanted him to draw a picture of her... 2 seconds later, he handed her this...

mommy said, "it looks just like me!", rolled her eyes, and left the room.

i haven't seen her since.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

my belly hurts. i think it's because of the panties i ate the other day... i finally pooped them out this morning though, so hopefully i will be feeling better soon.

i threw up twice yesterday and mommy was crying because she felt so bad for me... all i've been doing since then is laying around and pouting... oh, how i wish i hadn't ate those panties. they tasted so good but it wasn't worth it! i hate being sick!

today seems like a pretty good day to lounge around anyway. daddy left for work about an hour ago and mommy, of course, will be cleaning all evening. this will give me some time to work on my blog... i found a few things that i want to put in the sidebar and mommy said she would help me with it later.

on a happier note, christmas is in 4 days!! mommy gets real excited about christmas every year... she gets these sudden outbursts where she starts squealing because she's so eager for christmas to come. she says she's always been like that... ever since she was little. what a weirdo... as for me, i'm not too excited yet, mainly because i'm still not sure what christmas is. i am, however, excited about the fact that i will be reunited with the love of my life, baxter, in 2 days! we're going to have so much fun! all he ever wants to do is hump though... oh well, mommy says he's a man, so i should get used to that.

tonight mommy says she wants to have some fun and dress me up... oh god, how embarassing. i'm sure she'll want to take some pictures, too... perhaps i will hide under the bed where she can't get me.

i'm going there now.

Monday, December 19, 2005

yes!! mommy finally forgave me for the whole underwear thing! it was about time... i was full of tisses and had no one to give them to! (daddy won't let me tiss him on the mouth...)

first, mommy layed on the floor and stared at me... not saying anything... what a tease... after about a minute or so she finally told me it was okay and i came running!

i jumped on mommy and flipped her over on her back... here we are sharing a passionate moment...

daddy took this picture not a moment too soon... about a tenth of a second later, my tongue when up mommy's nose and she jumped. she even made a snorting noise like i do sometimes!

so that's it- the kaylee/emmi reunion... i'm so relieved that mommy isn't mad at me anymore; that was the most painful 9 hours of my life! i hate it when mommy is upset with me. from now on, i'm going to try my best to be a good girl, all the time...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

uh oh.... i did something bad. very, very bad... and now mommy isn't talking to me.

this is all th
at's left of mommy's favorite underwear.

mommy was a bit puzzled when she woke up to find that lying next to the bed. she looked and looked everywhere for the rest of them, then finally figured it out... i ate them. all of them.

that would be... the elastic part for the thong, the whole front of the panties and... the crotch. ew. i can't believe i did that. mommy is worried now because she doesn't know how easy it's going to be for me to poop all that out.

daddy was laughing and saying that now they were crotchless and buttless panties... what a perv. geez, dad...

i feel so bad about what i did... mommy is mad at me and won't even look at me. i'm sorry mommy... so, so sorry...
ooh! look at my pretty little button! mommy was just messing around on the computer and made it for me. it only took her like an hour and a half to choose the font for it... crazy woman.

daddy is playing guitar. i hate it when he does because it hurts my little ears. sometimes when he's at work i try and chew up the wires but mommy always stops me. it's probably just because she'll be the one held responsible for all the damage when i finally get past her and tear everything up. ugh, i hate that thing... when daddy first started playing it around me i was really scared. i didn't like the noise and whenever daddy would get close to me with it i would shoot down the hallway and go into one of my running fits. he found that quite hilarious. yeah, really funny dad. hardy har har...

i can all ready tell that tonight isn't going to be a very fun one... i heard mention of some mommy and daddy time later. well, that's just great... "mommy and daddy time" usually means emmi getting locked out of the bedroom for hours on end. i try not to let that stop me, though... sometimes i stick my little nose under the door and make my signature snorting noises, trying to get them to notice that emmi's still here! hardly ever works though... stupid parents... no sympathy for a poor little discouraged mutt at all...

nah, it's not like that really. mommy and daddy treat me real good. especially mommy... she is my legal guardian. daddy is just my adoptive father. i've spent far more time with mommy than i have with anyone else, including daddy. she's my best friend in the whole wide world... without her i don't know how i could live! after all... she is the one who feeds me!

on that note... i think i'm going to go cuddle up with her right now. she looks like she's in need of some lovin'...

heh heh heh... just thought of a smart remark for that one, but... this is a puppy oriented blog, so i think i'll just keep it to myself... ciao bitches. <------ not a bad word, by the way. we're talking about dogs here! just had to clear that up.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

tonight gramma came over! she brought a few things for mommy, including this weird thing that mommy plugs into the tv, sets on the floor, and jumps around on. i wasn't sure about it so i barked and barked until i finally realized it wasn't alive, and wasn't going to bark back. after mommy stopped laughing, she informed me that it was a dance mat, and it went with a game called ddr max. mommy must've jumped around on that thing for an hour until she finally let me have a turn. i wasn't very good though... i failed the first round after like 5 seconds! i'm going to keep practicing... but i'll probably never be as good as mommy. she's a ddr max champion! go mommy!!

as i look at this picture, i think i realize what i was doing wrong... i was facing the wrong way! stupid mommy, she didn't even tell me! oh well, maybe i'll get it right next time...

mommy says that later tonight we're going to catch up on the week's days of our lives... i'm so excited! that john black is a sexy beast... mommy says that he's all hers, though. stupid mommy... i guess i'm going to have to settle for patrick lockhart, which isn't bad... hmmm... or maybe max, bonnie lockhart's other son... and he is a doggie like me! yes, he'll do.
here's something i found on a friend of mine's dog blog. it's called the dog property laws, and i have to tell you... i don't know why i didn't think of this! i'm going to make sure that mommy reads this thoroughly.

dog property laws

1. if i like it, it's mine
2. if it's in my mouth, it's mine
3. if i can take it from you, it's mine
4. if i had it a little while ago, it's mine
5. if it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way
6. if i'm chewing something up, all the little pieces are mine
7. if it just looks like mine, it's mine
8. if i saw it first, or even if i didn't, it's mine
9. if you have something, and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine
10. basically, whatever you thought was yours, is actually mine

get it? got it? good.
dear santa claus,

this is just a reminder in case you didn't get my last letter... christmas is coming so quickly and i just want to make sure that you haven't forgotten everything that i want. just keepin' you on your toes, santa...

i suppose you all ready know who i am, and what a good girl i've been all year long, since my mommy says you can see me when i'm sleeping and when i'm awake... please just ignore the time that i pooped underneath the bed and didn't tell mommy... she will never know. oh yeah, and the time behind the couch too. please santa, shhh... that's just between you and me. nobody has to know.

i don't consider myself to be greedy, although mommy says i am, but here's a list i've been putting together for quite some time now. i don't care if you get me everything, but it would be nice if you did.
  1. a new bone... one that is durable and will last for days and days, not hours and hours.
  2. a new squeaky toy... the squeaker in mine went awol a few months back and it's just not that fun anymore.
  3. some dog treats that don't taste like cardboard... those cheap kroger ones aren't exactly hitting the spot.
  4. a pretty pink (or purple) collar
  5. a nice winter sweater... i hate being cold. preferably in pink or purple.
  6. some money for a haircut... i can't freaking see.
  7. a new pretty pink bow... i ate my old one and i'm still not sure if it's came back out yet. purple would be okay too.
  8. another stuffed animal toy... i like tearing out the stuffing and eating it.
  9. a new rope bone... it'd be nice if you could get me one where the little pieces of thread don't fall out and get all over the floor.
  10. some greenies... it's been nearly four months since my last one. the addiction was getting out of control... i honestly don't know of a dog that doesn't like them.
  11. a new friend... or at the very least, a visit from an old friend.
  12. a doggie bed... so i can lay on it instead of the floor when i watch tv.
  13. the ability to speak the word "no" when mommy tells me it's time for a bath.
  14. a rocketship... or maybe just another bone.
  15. a new brand of dog food... i'm a little too old for that "puppy stuff" anymore.
  16. a new rubber ball with the lighty-uppy thingee inside.
  17. some pretty nail polish made especially for doggies... i'd like to feel pretty every once in awhile.
  18. a pretty knitted doggie toboggan... maybe then i won't feel so self-concious about my big ears...
  19. an infinite amount of water always waiting for me in my water bowl... daddy always forgets to fill it up when mommy's not around and i'm dying...
  20. the ability to be the sweetest, most well behaved dog in the world, so that my mommy will always love me and never be mad at me ever, ever again. ever ever.

well santa, that's all i've got for now. like i said, you don't have to get me everything on the list, but i would really appreciate it if you did. just leave it under the tree... if there's enough room. i promise i will try to refrain from eating your cookies and milk. mmm... cookies and milk... oh god... but don't worry, santa. the reindeer will most definitely be getting their carrots. you can hold me to that one.

the name at the top of your "good" list,
miss emmi lou

p.s.- if you really want to spoil me, santa, you can check out my wishlist on froogle... i hope i'm not pushing it.

Friday, December 16, 2005

i think mommy has finally lost it.

i've discovered first-hand what being unemployed can do to a person. for the past 31 days (we've lived in this house for thirty-one days!), mommy has done nothing but clean, clean, clean. she's constantly obsessing over the littlest things... like whether to put the cream colored candle on the bar and the lavender colored candle on the coffee table, or the lavender colored candle on the bar and the cream colored candle on the coffee table... she's driving me nuts! she must've switched those freaking things around 50 times until she finally found a solution... which was exactly the way they were before she even started messing with them.

i guess i can't blame her for keeping herself busy all the time though... daddy is always at work and i'm usually sleeping most of the day, so she has to do something to keep herself from being bored to death. tomorrow mommy says she's going to go job hunting, again... probably no luck though...

oh well, let's talk about emmi now. today when i woke up it was snowing!! i was so excited! mommy was still in bed, but when daddy took me out to go pee i was jumping all around trying to catch the snowflakes in my mouth. he stayed outside with me for about 15 minutes even though it was freezing cold! mommy found it pretty humorous when he told her the story. she gets mad at me when i take a really long time outside when it's snowing though because she says she's cold and wants to go back in the house. what a whiner...

ooh!! what's that? i think i hear daddy coming up the driveway! i'm going to go smother him with kisses... i think later tonight i'm going to add a few pictures of me to "mommy's" flickr page. ciao bitches.
uh oh... mommy is maaad at me...

i chewed up some of the carpet right in the middle of the living room floor. so now there's a little hole there. i don't seem to think it's that big of a deal, but mommy does. i got yelled at... bad. and for the first time, mommy spanked me so hard that it hurt.

she apologized about an hour later, but she was still pretty upset about it. she really hurt my feelings and i'm still pouting. stupid mommy...

on a lighter note, i saw my pappaw today! he came down to pick mommy up to go "krogering", as she calls it. when they came back, pappaw visited with me and mommy a bit. i was so excited! i hardly ever get to see my pappaw!

i'm not sure if this is good or bad news, but i heard mention of (after mommy starts making "mucho dinero") me having puppies! mommy said it probably won't be for awhile... she wants to make sure that she will have enough money to take care of the puppies after they're born. she also said that we will get to keep one! yay!! i'm still not sure if me having puppies is a good thing or a bad thing though... i don't want it to hurt. but i guess i'll be willing to pay the price if it means a new friend for emmi lou!

haha, oh my god. i just farted. i do that all the time and it's squeaky sounding. oh lord, that's funny...

daddy says it's time to go outside. how does he know that i have to go pee? wow, he's like a psychic or something...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

stupid mommy. she's so mean...

she and daddy were playing mario 3 (for the freaking millionth time...) and all i wanted to do was give mommy tisses! that's it! but she kept getting mad at me because i was in her face and she kept shoving me off of her... so i went in the corner and pouted like i always do... but this time, something was different... she didn't come over to apologize! so that just hurt my feelings even more... the thing that surprised me the most was, daddy didn't really care either! now that's strange! i think mommy has brainwashed him in an evil scheme to turn against emmi lou.

meh... i don't know.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

ohh, so happy! tonight i had two visitors- gramma and aunt kenzie! i was so excited that i couldn't contain myself! i was running and jumping around the house, making my little squeaky noises like i always do. gramma really got a kick out of that. mommy says it's rather annoying anymore, but it's still funny sometimes.

shortly after gramma and aunt kenzie left, daddy walked through the door! i couldn't believe it! he usually doesn't get home until much later at night. he told mommy that it turns out he didn't have to work today, and he drove all the way to athens for nothing! but how was he supposed to know? his boss doesn't give him his schedule until tuesday (today)! crazy... yes, i know. poor daddy...

mommy says later she wants to add some more pictures to her flickr account. i think i will help her. maybe then we can get a few pictures of emmi on there instead of just boring ol' mommy and daddy...

Monday, December 12, 2005

decided to get an account with flickr. i think it's more for mommy than it is for me. all of my photos will still be on my bravenet page.

it's not as simple as the bravenet photo center, but i like it because you can have a little banner on your site. yeah, so that's what i'm doing right now... trying to upload some pictures for mommy.

she's a little upset right now because daddy never told her that his employee christmas party was tonight. she really wanted to go but now she doesn't have time to get ready because it starts in an hour! i think the main reason she's so upset is because it was free food... mommy's cheap like that.
mommy is still cracking up over this picture...

scroll down to see the whole photo story that goes with it.

speaking of things that crack mommy up... earlier tonight, daddy had these little wind-up toys that walked! yes, they walked!! crazy... i know. he would wind them up and they would walk all over the kitchen floor. mommy thought it was especially funny because i was doing my signature howl. i kept trying to snap at them, but i didn't want to get too close because i was kinda freaked out. i barked and barked and howled and howled at those freaking things for at least half an hour until mommy told daddy to put them away... she was getting a headache from all the noise i was making. regardless, she still thought it was funny. yes... i'm a card.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

good news! miss emmi's horoscopes are back up! there's a link to them in the sidebar under my sites, and also a banner if you scroll down the page a bit. it was so much fun to make. i read mine everyday!

on the sidebar banner, just click on the icon of your sign and it will direct you to the miss emmi's horoscopes page. mommy said it's funny because it kind of reminds her of miss cleo... i'm not exactly sure who that is, but mommy says she's an evil, evil lady and a fake. okay mom, whatever you say... like i really care anyway.

more good news! i've finally uploaded some pictures to my photo center. check it out! there's also a link to that in the sidebar.

there's even a page especially for my friends! i haven't put a whole bunch on there yet, but sometime soon i will work a little more on it. for now, there's just a few pics of me, some of mommy... and i think two of cyrus and one of rollie. i keep telling mommy to take her camera everytime she goes to gramma's so she can get some pics of uncle baxter and aunt sami! ohhh, uncle baxter... i'm counting the days 'till i can see you again, little buddy...
wow, am i exhausted... i decided to make a few changes to the blog. i messed with some things on the sidebar a little, like my links and stuff... i also re-added my bunny hero labs doggie, penelope. so, just a reminder... if you are not viewing this page in mozilla firefox, it's not going to look right!! for some reason, with this stupid template, things look all messed up on internet explorer when i add stuff to the page.

last night mommy made me mad... i mean, i know it's she and daddy's anniversary and all... but... come on guys, you could at least pay a little bit of attention to me! first they had a romantic dinner (at 1 in the morning when daddy finally got home from work), and i got nothing! i begged and begged and mommy wouldn't even look at me! after "dinner", mommy and daddy sat down and watched a movie together on the couch. i was so upset, i went off on my own... screw you guys... it only took about a freaking hour before mommy even realized i was gone...

and this is where she found me...

stupid mommy... i don't need her...

is that you, mommy?

and i hate you all.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

mommy's ring

daddy's wedding band

here's where it get's difficult... mommy's wedding band choices.

mommy likes this one because it's all princess cut diam
onds and matches perfectly with her engagement ring. the gold doesn't look like it matches her ring in this picture, but she tried it on in zales and it does match. she says that this one is probably her favorite out of everything she's seen so far.

now this one, mommy isn't considering getting because it has round diamonds instead of princess cut. she loves it though because she thinks baguette diamonds are beautiful! she doesn't understand why they hardly ever put princess cut and baguettes together. she's not too concerned though, because it doesn't match her ring anyway.

here's another one that mommy isn't considering, but thinks that it's pretty because it's all baguettes. she wishes that daddy would agree to wear a band with just a little bit of bling, bu
t he won't. she says men are too insecure about their sexuality like that... stupid boys.

the other day, mommy was in zales with gramma and tried on some solitaire enhancers. mommy said they were so neat because her ring just slid down into them and it looked like one big thing! here's a picture of a solitaire enhancer that mommy found on it's not the exact one that she tried on (her was much prettier!), but it gives you sort of an idea of what she's talking about.

okay now keep in mind that this is not the exact ring she tried on at zales. the one she tried on was princess cut diamonds and white gold. she said it was very pretty and really made her ring look nice!

okay, i think that's all mommy's making me post for now. she's been glued to (the only jeweler she will get anything from!) for the past 3 days, so i'm sure that we'll have some more choices sometime soon. that's great, mom... just great.