Tuesday, February 28, 2006

good news... mommy finished her first knitting project!
bad news... she wore the scarf today, got home and i was so excited to see her, i jumped up and SNAGGED IT! so now it is ruined.

and it took her so long to make! she's so upset.

camera batteries are dead so we can't take a picture...

ohh! and more good news! mommy is going to be an arbonne consultant in a few days! she just has to fill out all the paperwork, i guess. check out the site to find out more about it!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

quality time with mommy this morning on the couch...
i look bored. she looks crappy.

mommy and aunt sallie rented a movie last night... saw II. their plan was to come back here and watch it, and just have a "girl's night". well, for some reason... daddy invited his stupid justin (mommy calls him dumbass) over... if that wasn't bad enough, justin brought two other people with him-- jessi (which wasn't really a problem), and her TEN YEAR OLD LITTLE BROTHER!


we're not sure.

mommy was upset... if pappaw ever found out that there was a TEN YEAR OLD KID up here while the house was FULL OF ALCOHOL and maybe a few other incriminating pieces of evidence, he would probably kick us all out. it was just a ridiculous idea to bring a child here. what were they thinking??

...so... mommy and aunt sallie's girl's night was ruined... and everyone talked the entire time the movie was on.

what a rip off.

tonight mommy just wants to stay here and have a night to herself... watch some movies and knit. but she doesn't think that's going to happen... she has a feeling that justin will show up again tonight, probably with another busload of people...

i think so too. he comes here EVERY NIGHT! can't we all just have a day WITHOUT people over? doubt it.

whew... feels good to get all that out. i was pretty upset about the whole thing, too. i couldn't sleep because that little brat wouldn't leave me alone! no matter where i went in the house, HE CAME TOO! and then mommy tried to save me and put me on her lap... he grabbed me away from her and wouldn't listen when she told him to put me down!

and of course... daddy didn't say anything.

not one thing.

i hope this never happens again.

anyway... i'm going back to my place on the couch and taking a nap... i'm all stressed now.

and on a lighter note-- mommy's scarf she started last night. she got the pattern out of a knitting magazine. it's called an "easy-close scarf", it has a huge slit in one end (mommy hasn't gotten that far yet) so you can stick the other end in it and stays wrapped around your neck.

so neat.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

help, help, help!! minou, this question is for YOU!

mommy accidentally dropped a few stitches on her "gay parrot scarf"... pictured below...

yes, that's the one.

WHAT DOES SHE DO? is there an easy way to explain how to pick them back up? there's no possible way she can unravel the entire thing and just start over... the yarn is so thin (it's like freaking thread), and it gets tangled real easily.

she heard from someone that you have to pick the stitches back up with a crochet hook... not too sure how to do that... just let us know!!
baby hats are done!!

they only took mommy about 2 hours (total) apiece. yes, she realizes the boy's hat is taller than the girl's... her bad.

perhaps i should say, before you see the next two pictures, that mommy "adopted" 2 dolls from the lee middleton doll factory in belpre, ohio when she was about 7 years old. it's really neat... you go in, and it's like a nursery, filled with "new-born babies". they're all dressed in hospital outfits-- bracelets included! after you pick which one you want, you have to sign adoption papers and have your picture taken (in a hospital gown!) with your baby.

the whole process costs about $140 (well, it did back then. prices may be different nowadays).

mommy's "first-born" was a boy. she named him austin joshua. ...doesn't remember why she chose austin, but the name joshua came from a boy mommy had a huge crush on when she was younger.

so here's austin. mommy even left his hospital bracelet on after all these years (she figured maybe it would increase his value).

mommy's "second-born" was a girl, named madison cheyenne... again, she doesn't remember why she chose the name madison, but cheyenne came from mommy's favorite song AT THE TIME-- which happened to be by garth brooks...

go ahead and laugh at her. she laughs at herself sometimes for that, too... how humiliating...

...and here's madison! she still has her hospital bracelet on as well. hopefully within the next few decades these dolls will actually be worth a bit of money.

as for me, i hate the stupid things. i won't stop barking at them. however, i am grateful that mommy is making hats for them instead of me!!

** note from emmi's mother, kaylee **
and there are EARFLAPS!!
mommy and i have decided to combine our 2 blogs together... she will be posting all of her crochet and knitting here. it is just easier that way.

today we are going to be adding all of her links and webrings. she was also thinking about making a new flickr account just for her projects. we're not sure though... it will probably take all day to get everything done (stupid dial-up...).

okay, if ANYONE OUT THERE is watching days of our lives... tell me, WHAT IS BILLIE THINKING? IS SHE STUPID? oh my god... i am so incredibly aggrivated by all this...

mommy is screaming at the tv.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

mommy is wearing her new glasses. she had to pick them up yesterday from the eyedoctor and this is her first time actually wearing them... she's had glasses since the 2nd grade, but switched to contacts a few years later and has been wearing them ever since. she hates wearing glasses, but she really likes this pair so she thinks she will actually wear them sometimes instead of her contacts.

not sure if anyone knows anything about glasses/contacts perscriptions but... mommy's is -6.5 in both eyes.

that's bad.
real bad.
real real bad.

but... moving on to me... i had a terrible, terrible day. daddy smacked my butt this morning because i'd been tearing stuffing out of mommy's BEAUTIFUL bed comforter. mommy was sleeping so she didn't notice... until later today when she was making the bed...

daddy thought it would be better not to tell her, but when she saw it, he had to say something... so i got in trouble by her too. stupid mommy.

then they left and went grocery shopping... came back and had nothing for me! then sat right in front of me and ate tacos without even offering me any!

i've been pouting ever since... lying on the couch next to mommy while she works on her pink and white loom-knitted baby hat. it's about halfway done... we have to go to gramma kirkbrides' later tonight so she can help mommy tie it off at the top.

me... pouting... oh, and the baby hat too.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

mommy's first completed knitting loom project:
it looks adorable on her. after the pom pom is added to the top it will be ever cuter... she is also working on the 2 baby hats with the smaller loom. as long as she doesn't screw up and drop any stitches (she hasn't figured out how to pick them back up yet), they should be done by tomorrow.

poor mommy... had a bad day... had to go to the dentist and get shots in her mouth that make her go numb... couldn't eat for hours... could smoke either... couldn't smoke because her mouth was so numb she couldn't feel a thing... kept dropping cigarette...

but she is okay now. she said this is the 14th novacaine (sp?) shot she's had in her mouth her whole life... it's no big thing now.

gramma and aunt kenzie came down this evening and saw me for awhile. aunt kenzie kept hiding my donut from me... evil, evil girl.

speaking of my donut...

here it is!!

...lying on top of mommy's crocheted blanket (dc throughout the entire thing) she is still working on... it's about 4 and a half feet wide, 3 feet tall. she wants it to be at least 5 feet tall before she ties it off.

aw man... bad memories just recovered... i got a bath yesterday...
had to.
had been playing with jodi all day in gramma kirkbrides' yard.
very nasty.
smelled like horse manure.
don't know why.

oh, it was so, so terrible... i kept giving mommy the look, as if saying "you'd better hurry this up, before i bite you". of course i would never bite mommy... never have, probably never will... she treats me too good for me to do something like that and break our mother-daughter bond...

well, mommy says that sallie is supposed to be coming over later. we need to pick up the house... let's leave this post on a happy note... with a picture of ME.

nevermind the stash of yarn and pile of crochet/knitting books in the corner... no big deal.

you should see the spare bedroom.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

finally! PICTURES!!

mommy's knitting (project 1 of 6 currently being worked on). someday it will be a scarf... extremely bright and tacky- exactly why she loves it so much (mommy is so queer). she says at the pace she's working, it should be done near winter of 2010...

quality time on the couch with daddy...

there are so many options for the caption of this picture... think of one yourself.
(look in the bottom right corner- it's mommy's hat she is working on with the k
nitting loom! more about that later...)

i look high.

back to the knitting loom... mommy is making 2 hats- a baby boy's hat and a baby girl's hat. the boys' is light blue and white and the girls' is light pink and white... they are sooo easy to make on the loom. wait until you see the plan mommy has for the hats when she's done... it's going to be great!!

but it's a surprise... you will have to wait a bit.

mommy is also getting ready to work on her crocheted placemats. she wants to do some type of filet crochet design on them but doesn't know what. any suggestions?

minou, mommy is so incredibly grateful that you and your mommy opened up her eyes to the world of knitting! she had no idea it was such a huge craze... she absolutely loves it!

Friday, February 17, 2006

oh... my... god...

is ANYONE watching days of our lives?? this is INSANITY!!

anyway... mommy and daddy went shopping on wednesday- - mommy found her new favorite toy... and i got a new toy too!! it's a squeaky donut... mommy says it is so annoying... it has the loudest squeaker in the history of squeaky toys... but she's glad i like it.

my best friend, mr. turtle, is dead... i killed him.

he has no tail/butt anymore.

and all his insides spilled out all over the floor.

so that's why mommy felt she needed to get me something new to play with.

daddy had to call off work yesterday because there was something wrong with his car... mommy took him to athens to get the part for it, and came home with ANOTHER shopping bag full of yarn. she says she just gets it because it's pretty, and doesn't even know what she's going to make out of it yet.

right now she is working on a few projects... her crocheted blanket (about 40% done), her crocheted placemats (hardly begun), her crazy-yarn knitted scarf (about 10% done), and her pink and orange knitted hat (just started 5 minutes ago). she is making the hat with her knifty knitter loom... she LOVES IT! she says it will be real easy to make me a sweater with the loom, too... and she has plenty of yarn to choose from! (i'm leaning towards the super soft purple...)

it's so disappointing that our camera makes the batteries go dead in like 5 minutes, or we would take pictures... you know those energizer lithium batteries, that you are SUPPOSED to be able to take up to 600 pictures with? well, we took 14... and the batteries are dead now... what a crock.

so... no pictures still.

okay, gotta catch the end of days...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006





mommy went on a "yarn shopping spree" this morning with some of her birthday money... she got a whole bunch (cute colors, i might add), some pretty pink knitting needles, and a big purple crochet hook.

she came home a little disappointed... APPARENTLY the knitting & crochet group at the library has been switched from tuesday to monday... and no one bothered to call mommy and tell her before she got up at 8 this morning and drove all the way there.

it's too bad she hadn't known... yesterday was her birthday and for some reason, all she wanted to do was knit. i'd like to give a big thanks to minou's mommy for all the knitting influence (i am saying that in a very mean tone, by the way.... mommy NEVER pays attention to me anymore!)... also, another message to minou... has your mom ever seen this? it's hilarious!!

okay, moving onto the subject of me, i'm having a wonderful day... it's so nice outside! and i'm still in a good mood from last night- - i got to see uncle baxter at mommy's birthday dinner!! he didn't seem too happy to see me though.

mommy said she could tell how happy i was last night because i just kept walking around with a big smile on my face... i am too cute.

i think mommy and i might be going on a walk later. daddy had to leave early for work (grrr... mommy and i aren't very happy about this... especially mommy. it's VALENTINES' DAY!) and we have nothing to do.

happy valentines' day everyone! (especially to YOU, baxter my love)

(oh! and isa's brother sammy! you are a sexy beast (literally), i'm sure!)

Monday, February 13, 2006

it's mommy's birthday!!

this afternoon we're all going to gramma kirkbrides' so daddy can install ANOTHER set of subwoofers in mommy's car... so then she will have four! not really sure what subwoofers are... they hurt my little ears though.

then tonight we are going to the OTHER gramma's house. she is making mommy her absolute favorite meal for her birthday dinner- - chicken breast w/ italian dressing, HOMEMADE NOODLES, mashed potatos, corn, rolls... and cherry cheesecake for dessert. of course, i will be standing next to mommy's chair the entire time (right next to uncle baxter), waiting for her to drop something.

mommy has been doing nothing but knit and crochet for the past 3 days. daddy got her some yarn the other night and she's working on a new scarf (crocheted of course)... she is also still working on her blanket (about halfway done now, it is ADORABLE!), and TRYING TO knit a scarf. she has been having problems with the knitting but i think she is starting to figure it all out.

as for me, i finally got that bath i'd been promised for the past 2 weeks... it was terrible.

and just when i thought the bath was the worst thing i'd ever encountered... mommy pulled out this loud thing that she likes to call... a "hair dryer".... and this weird looking thing she calls a "pick".

what a nightmare.

i was so poofy.

mommy and daddy sure got a kick out of it though.

ugh... tired of typing... it is only 6:57 in the morning...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

mommy has to wear a mouthpiece because of her TMJ- it is bothering her really bad... she doesn't look silly because it's clear, but her speaking skills are a bit off... poor thing.

who knew that learning how to knit left-handed would be such a chore? mommy sure didn't... it's times like these mommy says she wishes she was "one of those right-handers".

as for me, i got in a bit of trouble today... daddy was sawing a piece of wood for the trim on our walls and, everytime he would drop a little piece, i would pick it up and run. now all those little pieces are in my belly.

mommy said that for my punishment, i was going to get a loooong, loooong bath... but now that her jaw is acting up, she doesn't feel like doing much of anything. which is good for me.

time to go see what else daddy is dropping on the floor...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

mommy got another tattoo tonight. it is on her foot.

mommy's "friend" jeremy bought it for her... hope he knows that he still isn't forgiven for talking "smack" behind mommy's back.

but it's a start...

jeremy got his first tattoo tonight right before mommy got hers... mommy says that it was the funniest thing she has ever seen in her life! he was screaming and moaning and crying and all that sissy stuff... and it was on the easiest place to get a tattoo- on his ARM!

mommy said hers hurt a little, but not as bad as she thought it would being on her foot and all... next week (for her birthday), daddy is going to buy her another tattoo... she is going to get a matching one on her left foot so she can be even again... she absolutely HATES it when she is uneven!

while mommy and daddy were gone tonight, i dug up a pair of mommy's favorite panties out of her dirty clothes basket... and... i'm sure you can all ready guess....


i ate them.


mommy was FURIOUS! this is the third time it's happened! it's not funny anymore!!

hopefully i will poop them out instead of throwing them up like the last time... that wasn't very fun...

mommy says she is going to try and take pictures of all her tattoos tomorrow and post them on here... along with the absolutely hilarious picture of jeremy screaming like a baby when he got his done...

the camera batteries went dead just as daddy hit the button to take a picture of mommy getting hers... she was so disappointed... oh well.

time to go outside... i will make sure to keep you updated on the "panty situation"... for the third time...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

mommy is knitting a scarf. it is baby blue and the fringe is going to be baby blue and light yellow mixed.

she is having trouble with the purl thing... she goes through the BACK of the stitches instead of the FRONT? right? so how does she know which is the back?? she is so confused... but hopefully she will figure a lot of it out when she goes to the knitting & crochet classes again on tuesday.

my day was a pretty good one... i woke up and the ground was covered with that white stuff again! daddy took me outside to pee and i had a real hard time squatting... but i finally got it.

mommy went somewhere tonight and when she came back, she had pizza! and i even got to eat some!! just a little bit though... mommy says pizza isn't very good for puppies...

so we watched the superbowl... and the STUPID STEELERS had to go and win... mommy wasn't very happy... i think daddy could care less about it though...

we are getting ready to all watch a movie together on the couch... maybe tomorrow mommy will get the time to help me post some new pictures.
okay so... no pictures yet.

mommy has still been real busy around the house... got the hole fixed... doesn't look quite right. that stupid guy at lowe's didn't match the paint very well. but it works for now.

good news for mommy, bad news for me... she learned how to knit.

she caught on real quick. and she just keeps doing that stupid knit and purl thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again... and again.

minou, ask your mommy WHY MOMMY'S LOOPS ON THE NEEDLES GET SOOO TIGHT. they are hard to move and work with. she keeps trying to make them real loose but it doesn't seem to be working.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

here i am!!

seems like it's been so long since i've had a chance to post anything! we have been real busy around the house... well, mommy and daddy have. i have just been getting in the way, according to mommy.

yesterday pappaw and daddy moved mommy's big dresser/vanity into the bedroom. it had been at gramma's this whole time and mommy had nothing to do with her clothes but just lay them on the floor... thank god that is over with... all those underwear were just so tempting...

before daddy went to work yesterday, he and mommy cleaned up the spare bedroom and are in the process of making it mommy's "craft room". we all ready have all her crochet stuff in there now but it needs to be organized. and daddy's dresser is in there too because now there's not room for it in the bedroom.

today they cleaned out both the closets and organized everything in them... mommy spent 2 hours cleaning the bathroom... it looks real nice because gramma gave mommy this cute little shelf to put above the toilet... it has all mommy's hair stuff on it and now the counter doesn't look so cluttered.

tomorrow mommy says is ''living room & kitchen cleaning day"... she is doing all her spring cleaning extra EXTRA early so she won't have to later... great idea, mom...

mommy went to her first knitting and crochet class yesterday at the library... but there was no teacher! people kept asking mommy, "are you the teacher?"... mommy was a bit disappointed because she learned nothing about knitting, but got a few tips as far as crochet goes... and she got quite a few compliments on her blanket she is making... AND "got" a modeling job! all she has to do is make up her mind about it, and talk to the lady again at next week's class.

oh, and we got some batteries for the camera... tomorrow mommy says we will take pictures of the house, ME, crochet, ME, and more ME... and mommy says she wants to take pictures of all her tattoos... not sure why. it's not like they're going anywhere.

i'm going to go take a nap... i guess gramma kirkbride is coming over later! mommy says she won't have any time for me though... she is going to be fixing the GAPING HOLE in our living room wall...