Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i look so silly without my bangs. daddy keeps making fun of me but mommy says i'm cute. thank you, mommy! you are my best friend...

yes, i'm aware that i do have my bangs in this picture... our camera batteries are dead so we can't take a picture of the *new me*!

mommy started ANOTHER sweater for me. this time, she's following a pattern step-by-step instead of doing her own thing, like she usually does (stubborn). it looks a little too tight so mommy says she is going to block it. not sure how, but she will learn.

as for her growing list of projects-in-process, this is what mommy is currently working on...

* STILL, the crocheted blanket (donut not included)... it is pretty big now-- probably 2 more rows of each color and she will be finished. it is all dc.

* 2nd pink garter-stitch scarf. the one pictured is the first one (the one i ruined THE VERY NEXT DAY after she was finished), but the one she is working on now looks exactly the same. it's about 3 feet long by now. almost done-- mommy likes her scarves long.

* the very BEAUTIFUL dc & tc crocheted rug for the kitchen. it's a light tan color-- very pretty... but no picture.

* my stupid sweater... all hdc and worked in rounds. light green. ugh. gag.

* gay parrot scarf. it will NEVER be finished because mommy dropped 4 stitches and doesn't know how to pick them back up. what an idiot.

i think that's about it. i'm probably missing a few things... mommy has so many projects started that it's hard to keep track. drives me crazy.

i'm outtie.


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