Sunday, March 12, 2006

mommy finished my sweater yesterday. it's quite embarassing -- for both of us -- so we decided not to take a picture. she is currently working on another one (bright pink!) and hopefully it will look better than the first.

wow... what a horrible night i had last night. we had some people over... aunt sallie and mommy thought it would be fun for her to bring baby over too (aunt sallie's dog). she is a jack russell (like baxter!) and about the same size as me.

i wasn't very happy. i started growling and trying to bite her. mommy was holding onto me real tight so i turned around and snapped at mommy in her face. baby was flipping out, scared out of her mind... daddy grabbed me and took me into the bedroom and locked me in.

mommy couldn't believe it! i have NEVER been mean to another dog before! never! mommy thought maybe it was a territorial thing, since this is my house and there has never been another dog in here with me. i feel kind of bad about it now, though... baby was shaking and crying. poor thing...

mommy and aunt sallie have decided to start taking me and baby on walks together this spring so we can get to know each other slowly.

anyway... we are going to gramma kirkbrides' later tonight so mommy can watch the week's worth of days of our lives on soapnet... our stupid dish network package sucks and we hardly get ANY channels!

i'm so excited to see jodi! everytime i see her, we play and wrestle for HOURS! but there's always a catch... i have to get a bath everytime i come home from gramma kirkbrides' because i'm covered in jodi slobber and mommy thinks it's nasty! oh well.

i will let you know how it goes!


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