Friday, March 10, 2006

mommy has been working on my sweater all day. it is pastel purple, double-stranded with white. she found this pattern online earlier-- it looks a lot like mine, but not quite the same.

it's probably going to look like crap when it's done because mommy is stubborn... never follows patterns, but makes her own. i hate it all ready. she keeps measuring me and it's driving me crazy.

maybe later while she's not looking, i'll eat it. i'm good at things like that.

we had a bunch of company last night. after a few hours mommy started acting strange and couldn't walk right. she kept trying to say my name, but it always came out as "emmishwoo". every freaking time. what a moron.

mommy says that my sweater should be done by tomorrow (hopefully).


Blogger Ashley said...

It was crocheted. But the same site had some knitted ones as well.

That was the one I was talking about, but there's a knit one too that's really cute. You have to sign up to access them but it doesn't cost anything so hey, if you like it it's worth it.

12:09 PM  

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