Friday, March 24, 2006

mommy is making wrist wamers. crocheted, of course...

they are going to be sort of like these. but no popcorn stitches. mommy is using real soft black yarn.

not much knitting going on lately. the pink garter stitch scarf is still on the needles, but hasn't been worked on for quite some time. mommy is lazy.

...she is probably just worn out. 8 out of the past 9 days, mommy has played at least 5 games of beer pong each night. the night before last she played 13. she was throwing up all day yesterday. ick. but for some stupid reason, she played 2 times last night, and tonight she and daddy are having a few people over to play some more.

as for me, i have been bored out of my mind the past few days. since daddy lost his license, mommy has to drive him to work and back every day. it's really annoying. all i do is sit by the door and wait for her to get home. she gets home, watches tv for a few hours, then leaves again. i hate it.

anyway, it's about time for mommy to go pick daddy up from work. i'm trying to convince her to take me with her...


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wooo spiffie!!

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