Tuesday, March 14, 2006

mommy just finished blocking my sweater and now we are waiting for it to dry. i hope it takes forever...

we got the arbonne stuff yesterday. i tried to bite the ups man... now mommy has a RE9 kit (anti-aging kit), a normal-to-dry skin kit, some self-tanner (which works WONDERFULLY), and 3 aromatherapy sprays. mommy is going to be hosting an arbonne party at gramma's house on the 20th-- hopefully she will get some orders! if anyone is interested in buying from mommy, let us know! we can mail you a catalog and some samples (of the RE9). mommy even has some clients in boston!

i'm worried about daddy. he went to town at 11 this morning, said he would be back in an hour, and now it is almost 2 in the afternoon. but that's pretty typical for daddy... and his stupid-ass (as mommy says) didn't bring his cell phone. geesh.

gotta catch the end of days of our lives.


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