Thursday, March 09, 2006

no one is leaving me comments anymore...

fine then. i'd rather talk to myself, anyway.

mommy is officially an arbonne consultant now. she's really excited about it-- hopefully within the next couple of months we will start seeing the big bucks! i sure hope so... being poor is the worst thing in the world. daddy just got his crappy paycheck the other day, and after the groceries, bills, and emmi food, it is all gone. perhaps if mommy quit smoking there would be more money? i'll make sure to inform her of this...

mommy just starting working on a crocheted rug for the kitchen. she got the idea out of one of her knitting books, but all of her needles are currently "occupied" except the crappy plastic size 4's (which wouldn't work anyway)... so she decided to crochet it instead. it will still be cute.

sallie came over last night and got her knitted hat. she loved it! she wants mommy to knit her dog (baby) a sweater, but mommy hasn't figured out all the increase, decrease crap that goes along with knitting. in crochet, it's sooo easy! so maybe she will crochet her one instead.

i'm getting ready to be measured for my first real crocheted sweater in a few minutes. mommy has a bunch of yarn in the "knit room" that she can use... not sure which colors yet, though. perhaps pink, or pretty pastel purple. we'll see.

i'll keep you updated. this is going to suck.


Blogger your said...

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1:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Emmi Lou

This is Riley's mom again. I'm reading your blog everyday. You are soooo cute. I keep forgetting Riley's blog log in name, so I guess I'll have to make a new one cause the his is mostly updated by his big sister......You're very entertaining!

8:50 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Oh.. I saw a free crochet pattern online for a dog sweater. Can't remember where for the life of me. Sorry. Good luck though.

2:55 PM  

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