Wednesday, March 29, 2006

we had our first weiner roast at the new house monday night. it was so much fun! i even got to go outside with everyone! but i kept eating grass so finally mommy took me in.

today i had to get a bath because i was so dirty from being outside... i hid behind the toilet for 10 minutes until mommy finally got ahold of my tail and caught me... stupid mommy. it was terrible. i cried and cried and gave mommy my "help me" face the entire time. now i'm soaking wet and shivering because i won't let her dry me off with the towel. heh.

mommy is crocheting a cell phone purse. it's cute so far but she is scared she'll mess it up eventually. it's white, with alternating rows of hdc and dc. it's coming along pretty well, for now.

i'm outtie... we're going to gramma's!


Blogger Cyrus The Great said...


6:33 PM  
Blogger Cyrus The Great said...

emmi lou! how are you?!!
Hows your mommy?- my mommy wants to know and I have to tell ya that my mommy misses your mommy!!
Tell your mommy to email my mommy to tell her whats been up!!!
Love always, your big brute,

8:04 AM  

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