Friday, April 14, 2006

its going to be my birthday in exactly 6 minutes... i will be a year old!

perhaps i should apologize... for not posting anything lately. it has been so hectic around here lately. mommy has been finishing up her spring cleaning, taking daddy to work and back everyday (but now he can drive himself so that is OVER!), and drinking like a mad woman. seriously. there have been parties almost every night for the past month. it's insane.

we are no longer friends with jeremy or justin (the stupid twins)... or mike butcher (that loud black guy). mommy and daddy are a little upset about it. they are trying to make new friends but it's not working out very well. no one likes us anymore... i guess we suck.

as for mommy's knitting, she is making a handbag out of this really pretty multi-colored yarn. and she is crocheting a rug for the kitchen. she's working verrrry slowly, though.

me? well, i have been doing a whole bunch of nothing. lying around... sleeping... chewing up more of mommy's underwear... the usual. last night i went outside with mommy and daddy and ran around by the campfire for the 4th time this week. it was sooo much fun! but now i stink, and i need a bath... i hope mommy goes easy on me and waits until AFTER my birthday to give me one. i would hate her forever.

alright, i'm outtie... i want to be right next to mommy when the clock hits 12 so she can give me a big birthday kiss!